(this is being written on my mobile, let’s see how it will turn out) When: 27 February-4 March 2018 Who: with more than 40 volunteers of Actionaid Hellas Purpose: all the members of the group are sponsors of a child in one of the countries that Actionaid Hellas supports. That means we give 22 euros … More Rwanda

China trip 5: the “again china??” trip (Beijing 1)

First things first: If you plan to go to China, visit Hotels are way cheaper and way more there (careful, some are only for chinese, so maybe you will get cancellations. But they will call you and find you another hotel) Flights for inside China are way cheaper. It is the only way (I think) … More China trip 5: the “again china??” trip (Beijing 1)

Readathon17: Books 26-35

Previous links: Readathon17: Books 1-5 Readathon17: Books 6-10 Readathon17: Books 11-15 Readathon17: Books 16-20 Readathon17: Books 21-25   Yep, 10 books this time! Vacation, low motivation, many reasons why I haven’t posted in forever. But I am picking it back up! I have already started writing down my latest China trip as well. 26. The … More Readathon17: Books 26-35

Multiple bookhauls

Over the past months I kept buying books from different “sources”. I waited until I reached a stopping point (until I go to Greece in 2 weeks and buy more) before making a post about them. Here they are: 1.The books I bought from A very Russian Christmas, by various russian writers A collection … More Multiple bookhauls