26 cities on 37 days (Interrail 2008) – Overview


My first big trip!

When: 4/8/2008 – 9/9/2008 (Looong time ago)

Who: My boyfriend and I

How much: about 1500 euros per person, including the interrail tickets

So cheap! How: by eating from the supermarket and sleeping on trains or train stations on many occasions

Let’a analyze a little more.

  • What is “interrail”?

Interrail is a way to travel in Europe with train very cheap. You buy the pass and you can get on any train in Europe!

You can buy country passes which allow to you travel for X days in the country you chose. Or you can buy the global pass which is valid for every european country (well, check the list to see what they mean by “european”) for the amount of days you chose. WARNING: Interrail is only available for european citizens, non-europeans use Eurrail.

We bought the global pass for one month, plus a 3-day ticket to Italy.

  • Oh so simple!

No unfortunately it is not so simple! Some trains need extra money, some need booking etc. But we didn’t do anything in advance, so don’t worry, you will find your way once you start traveling. Just ask at the train station how can you go to the city you want to go next!

  • That must have taken a lot of organizing!

Not really! We had only planned the 2-3 cities. I had checked some train schedules online and then I kept doing that during the trip to find our next destination. Not online, since I didn’t have a smartphone or a tablet back then. I did it usually at the train stations, every country (I think) had electronic systems to look at train schedules.

And I was booking hostels online 1-2 days before we had to go there, from the previous hostel’s PCs. On 2-3 occasions we found the hostel the day we arrived at the city.

Top point of our un-organization was when we were at night in the train station on the borders of Spain and France and we were pointing at the trains there asking “Where does this one go?”.

The station-guy kept asking “But where do you want to go?”

And we were answering “We don’t know, somewhere in France”.

(end of the story: we chose the train to Paris over Strasbourg)

  • 26 cities on 37 days sounds… fast! How???

By taking night trains (or sleeping at the station and taking the first train), arriving early in the morning in a city, walking around all day (after leaving the backpacks at the train station) and leaving with the next night train.

  • Wow… so no bed???

No, of course we stayed occasionally at hostels, we spent more than 1 day in the big cities! Plus, you know… we had to shower! We slept many nights on beds are many, you will see when I analyze our itinerary.

  • Is that happening any time soon?

Yes, now!

Italy 1   italy

4/8 Brindisi (arriving with boat from Patras)

5/8 – 6/8 Rome (hostel)

7/8 Florence

8/8 Venice

9/8 Napoli

France 1   france

10/8 Nice

11/8 Marseille

Spain   spain

12/8 – 14/8 Barcelona (hostel)

France 2   france

15/8 – 17/8 Paris (hostel)

18/8 Bordeaux

Belgium   belgium

19/8 Brussels

Netherlands   nl

20/8 – 21/8 Amsterdam (hostel)

Germany 1   germany

22/8 Köln

23/8 – 24/8 Munich  (hostel)

Denmark   denmark

25/8 Copenhagen

Norway   norway

26/8 Oslo

Sweden   sweden

27/8 – 29/8 Göteborg (staying at a friend)

Germany 2   germany

30/8 – 31/8 Berlin (hostel)

Poland   polish

1/9 Warsaw

Czech Republic   czech

2/9 – 3/9 Prague (hostel)

Hungary   hungary

4/9 Budapest

Austria   austria

5/9 Vienna

Slovakia   slovakia

6/9 Bratislava

Switzerland   sw

7/9 Zürich

Italy 2   italy

8/9 Milan

9/9 Bari (ship back to Patras)


  • Ok… sounds tiring… and dirty… 

It was! But we saw a lot! Plus it was 7 years ago, I was so young then 🙂

I will analyze the whole trip soon.

I don’t have many photos, but you can find photos online!

I will not offer touristic info, you can find that online too!

I will just tell you how my experience was, problems, solutions, tricks etc.

As you can imagine it is hard to write up this trip, since it was so long ago.

It will take up some time.

Stay tuned!

Oh btw, this is a map of the trip that I made, including all the cities and the route (separated into 3 routes, because apparently google maps has a limit):



2 thoughts on “26 cities on 37 days (Interrail 2008) – Overview

    1. (Καλέ έχω και ελληνική version!) I wouldn’t do the same trip again, since I have been many times since to the big cities like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam (a million times).
      But I would like to do a more “alternative” one, like going to the Balkans and East Europe.
      I would recommend it for sure! I think everyone should do it at least once in their life.

      Advantages: cheap, freedom in your movements, you get to see many places, you meet a lot of people (many people on our trains were also doing interrail)

      Disadvantages: hmm can’t think of something, since you can make the trip as you like. You don’t have to sleep on the floor of the train station like I did!
      The only thing is that you need time in order to do the interrail, since taking the train is slower than flying! But also much more interesting!

      Καντο οπωσδήποτε!

      Liked by 1 person

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