Here, by Richard McGuire

Imagine a camera in the corner of your living room.

Taking pictures of everything that happens there.

2015-11-21 21.52.57.jpg

From the beginning of the world until the very distant future.

And then combine these pictures and add the year on the top corner of each one.

2015-11-21 21.55.34

Some look more “simple”, this specific living room in different years:

2015-11-21 21.51.14

2015-11-21 21.53.42

2015-11-21 21.55.44

Some go even further back or forward in time, when that living room is not a living room:

2015-11-21 21.54.57

2015-11-21 21.54.09

2015-11-21 21.54.43

Every few pages you can see that parts of the images form stories that you have to keep track of.

It is an amazing idea, a new way of making comic books.

It all started in 1989, when Richard McGuire published a six-page black and white comic strip in Raw magazine using that technique. He did not imagine that it would turn into a whole book in 2014 or that his idea was so revolutionary and that everyone would praise him.

You can find the original strip and a short movie base on it here.

You can also find an article with much better pictures of the book than mine here.

And here is the Goodreads page of the book.


I recommend you to buy that book, it is real ART!


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