26 cities on 37 days (Interrail 2008) – Belgium/Netherlands/Germany1

General info:

  1. The norther you go, the more they check your train tickets. But Dutch check the most!
  2. In these countries, it rains and it is cold even in August (so surprising for me at the time!)

11. Brussels – 19/8

Anecdote of our city experience: The symbol of the city, the peeing boy, was dressed in a Thailand national costume the day we visited


Brussels is not that interesting. In the last few years I visited Bruges and Gent, they are AMAZING! If you ever visit Belgium, skip Brussels and go to Bruges and Gent.

AtomiumThe central square is beautiful, but that is it… The rest of the city is big governmental buildings, nothing interesting. We ended up taking the train to see Atomium, since there was nothing else to see. But we didn’t get in and it was also not that interesting.


12. Amsterdam – 20/8 – 21/8

Anecdote of our city experience: Hmmm some stuff should stay in Amsterdam. Let’s say that I live in Netherlands for 4 years and I still haven’t found the “I amsterdam” sign… Amsterdam is still a labyrinth to me and I have been there more than 8 times.


We stayed in Bob’s Youth hostel.

It is hard to remember what I thought of Amsterdam then. I was already looking for masters there (I ended up moving to Netherlands for my PhD), so I was biased. I found everything nice. Well, except the weather.

2015-09-26 12.09.43


People looked cool. I still remember a mother with blue hair, full of piercings, pushing a stroller. Being a young girl from Athens on her first big trip, that seemed amazing to me!

Now, after 4 years I still find Amsterdam beautiful, but very touristic. I avoid visiting in the summer because of the crowds. I recommend visiting the Ann Frank House (book tickets online, the line is huge!). The dutch know how to make great museums, even from an empty small building!


13. Köln – 22/8

Anecdote of our city experience: The train station had the most expensive toilet that we saw in our whole trip! I don’t remember how much, but more than 1 euro.

100_0644    100_0656

The biggest sight of the city, the Cathedral, is just outside the train station. It is very impressive. After that we walked around the city center a bit. Nothing impressive. My boyfriend was very tired, so we returned to the train station and he fell asleep immediately.

14. Munich – 23/8 – 24/8

Anecdote of our city experience: We saw some guys surfing on the water coming out of a sewer in the park! Many years later I learnt this is a “thing” in Munich.


We stayed at AO hostel.

Munich is pretty. The city center is nice (picture above) and there is also a huge park. But that was the coldest I was in all our trip, I don’t know why (probably my problem, not the weather). Overall a pleasant city.

After two days there, we took the train to Copenhagen. Look at the map – it is long! We rested!


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      1. Φυσικά και δεν είσαι χαζή! Το Άμστερνταμ είναι μυστήρια πόλη και το γεγονός πως όλα μοιάζουν μεταξύ τους δε βοηθάει πολύ στο να το μάθεις καλύτερα!


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