We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart


We Were Liars is about a rich family (grandparents, three daughters  and their children) that all spent summer vacation on their private island. The narrator is the eldest granddaughter. From the 8th summer on, another boy joins them every summer, her cousin’s friend. On the 15th summer, an accident happens… And that’s all I can say about this book without making any spoilers. 

It is hard to write a review about this book without spoilers.

I read it very fast, not because I was trying to, but because it is written in a way that you enjoy reading it and you want to see what happens. Because I read it so fast, I didn’t guess the end (which is good), but it didn’t come as a huge shock either, I guess it was always in the back of my mind as a possibility (hints were everywhere).

I was reading the final pages, ready to give 4 stars. But then the end-of-the-end happened and I was not satisfied at all with that. Plus I think she could have made it better at some points. So I gave it 3 stars. Maybe I should still give 4. Let’s say 3,5. Giving stars to books is not easy anyway.

Despite all that, I totally recommend it, you will read it fast and won’t get bored at any point.


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