26 cities on 37 days (Interrail 2008) – Scandinavia & Germany 2

General info:

  1. Scandinavia is expensive, but if you travel like us, you will not understand it.
  2. There are trains that go on ships…
  3. Scandinavia is not as cold as you think (at least in the summer).

15. Copenhagen – 25/8

Anecdote of our city experience: We put our luggage in the train station lockers. When we returned to take them back, the police was there with a dog and it was sniffing the lockers. It indicated one locker, so the police opened, took the luggage out and started searching. I don’t know if they found something, but the owner of the luggage (which looked normal as far as I saw, with clothes) was not there. Imagine if he comes back and sees all of his stuff messed up! I hope they left a note… Plus they gave the dog a squeaky toy to play while they were searching, which made the dog lose any credibility in my eyes… Come on dog, at least pretend you are serious!




Copenhagen is absolutely beautiful. But 1-2 days are enough I would say. We saw everything and when we visited it again last year, the only new place we saw was Christiania.

<– this place is the best part, nice colorful houses, restaurants and cafes by a canal.


There are also some palaces, a nice park and many brown buildings like the ones below.

100_0723We also saw the little mermaid statue, which is always being decapitated from what I hear. It is very small and a little far from the center to walk, but we had seen everything, so we walked.

After our last year weekend in Copenhagen, I also have to say that it is pretty expensive, as is the rest of Scandinavia (the interrail was low cost, we only shopped from the supermarket). Be prepared!

I totally recommend Copenhagen!


16. Oslo – 26/8

Anecdote of our city experience: To get there from Copenhagen, we took a train with beds (+16 euros), 4 in every coupe, and we took a similar train to go to from Sweden to Berlin. You sleep on the train and by morning you have arrived!

Oslo.pngIt was actually warm there! At noon, we got rid of our jackets! Unexpected!

Oslo is not as good as Copenhagen. It has some nice parts. I remember mostly a park with many weird naked statues.

<— these are some of the weird naked statues

Also it is by the sea, there are some nice viewpoints. But I don’t remember anything very nice in Oslo, there were some nice buildings, some fountains, that’s all. I think the rest of Norway will be much more interesting.




17. Göteborg – 27/8-29/8

Anecdote of our city experience: We stayed at the dorm of a friend that had just moved thee for his masters (literally 2 days ago). It had been many days since we last slept on a safe and quiet environment (in the hostels we were sleeping with our bags in the beds).

The result: both nights we slept there, I woke up in the middle of the night because I thought we were sleeping somewhere we shouldn’t be. The first night I even woke up my boyfriend, asking him “where are we? we must go” because I thought we had slept in a museum! The second night I remembered what had happened the first night and I managed to stop myself.


I had been to Göteborg before, when I was in high school, but all I remembered was Liseberg Amusement Park. The good thing was that we finally rested and I saw my friend one last time before he started his masters. And because of him, we learned more about how Sweden is as a country (how the recycling works, how they sell alcohol etc.).  But Göteborg doesn’t really have many touristic sites or any special atmosphere.

Well, we did see a wild dear (for the first time in my life) outside of my friend’s dorm, so that is something!


18. Berlin – 30/8 – 31/8

Anecdote of our city experience: While we were traveling with the night train from Sweden to Berlin, we stopped at a harbor. Before we even realized what was happening (it was dark), they put the train on the ship! Don’t imagine anything romantic, we had to stay in the train, which was in a dark room in the bottom of the ship! Titanic memories woke up…


I did not expect to like any German city much. Compared to other European countries I thought Germany would be too “industrial-looking”. And indeed I was not impressed (and I still am not) by any German city… except Berlin ❤

Berlin has an “alternative” kind of tourism. It has some very nice buildings and parks and streets etc, but the most interesting stuff are “non-classic”. Pieces of the Berlin Wall with graffiti, Checkpoint Charlie (where an “East Germany soldier” actually stamps your passport if you want), the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe… They have also made their traffic lights into touristic attractions!

Together with Rome and Paris, it is one of the few cities we could stay longer. For the rest, we felt that the day(s) we spent there was enough.

I also believe it is a city I could live in. Totally recommended, if you are interested in something more “european but also modern”.



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