26 cities on 37 days (Interrail 2008): “East” Europe & Austria

General info:

  1. Food is MUCH cheaper in east Europe. Everything is MUCH cheaper.
  2. Every time I have to change money, I prefer to just use an ATM. Every currency exchange place has different prices and probably bargaining has to be involved

19. Warsaw – 1/9

Anecdote of our city experience:I still claim that I ate the best doner of my life there (well, until I moved in Netherlands and had Donerix!). My boyfriend says it is because I was hungry (he is probably right).

WarsawIt was the first day of university (beautiful building) and there were many students dressed up walking around. In front of the university there is a nice street. Warsaw has a beautiful historic center. We also visited the former jewish ghetto (famous from movies like the Pianist), but it just looked like normal buildings.

Other than the beautiful center, I believe most of you won’t find Warsaw very attractive. Looks like downtown Athens. But whenever I am in a city like that, I always like it, it looks authentic.

20. Prague – 2/9 – 3/9

Anecdote of our city experience: We bought a forbidden absinth and brought it back to Greece. But I didn’t feel anything when I drank it, probably touristic trap. No Kylie Minogue dressed as Tinkerbell appeared!

We stayed in Chili hostel, it was nice and homey.

Prague is absolutely beautiful. On day and night.

Many beautiful buildings, you cross the bridge and go to a very nice palace. You can just walk for hours. Also the nightlife is good and the tourists are young and cool. I totally recommend visiting it! I will try to visit it again soon.

21. Budapest – 4/9

Anecdote of our city experience:We met two twins that where singers from Ukraine. (yeah, I didn’t have anything better to say)


Budapest is also architectonically beautiful. It shares many common aspects with Prague, similar monuments, similar kind of tourists… But I liked Prague more. Well, I stayed in Prague more, so that maybe played a part. A vague comparison: when I think of Budapest, I remember white buildings. When I think of Prague I remember a more warm yellow-brown color.

However, Budapest was less touristic than Prague, felt more authentic.

22. Vienna – 5/9

Anecdote of our city experience: We saw the street show of a guy playing diabolo. He was so funny, I still remember some of his jokes! Mostly because of the jokes and not the diabolo, he must have collected about 100 euros just on the show we saw him.

Vienna is absolutely beautiful, parks, buildings, elegance. It was also very warm! Everything revolves around opera, there is opera at the park, Mozart things everywhere. We visited a palace, Mozart’s house (? or opera?), the city center… I recommend Vienna too!

23. Bratislava – 6/9

Anecdote of our city experience:We saw many people, obviously soccer fans, wearing green and a clove, drinking beer and having fun. Our first guess was that they were from the greek team Panathinaikos 🙂 Of course they were Irish 🙂


Bratislava is just half an hour with the train from Vienna. If you are ever at Vienna, I think it will be a good place to spend some hours. There is a very nice city center, with some funny statues and a castle. I thought it was a cute city.

But there is not that much to see. We returned to Vienna the same day to take the train to Zurich.


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