26 cities on 37 days (Interrail 2008): Switzerland, Italy 2 & Recap

General info:

  1. You should just take a train and go around Switzerland, or even better drive. These are some of the best landscapes I have ever seen.
  2. You can’t sleep on a train station in Switzerland (that was our experience at least, maybe rules have changed now)

24. Zürich – 7/9

Anecdote of our city experience:We got in a huge fight with the train station security because they didn’t want to let us lie down. We were destroying the image of their station… after midnight… while huge construction was going on and it looked horrible anyway. Also some strangers offered us weed outside a church…

100_1082The weather was bad, for the first time in days. And we were starting to get sad because our trip was ending. So we did not enjoy the city so much. It is beautiful though. There is a lake, nice cute house and streets. And I saw a Ferrari for the first time ever. I think Switzerland is a beautiful country (expensive though!) and I want to do a Switzerland-tour with a car sometime.


We met two greeks on the train station that were just beginning their trip and we talked and had some fun. And fought with the train station security. She seriously wanted us to go sit outside in the rain. And the thing is, the train station was under construction, so it looked horrible anyway! So not being able to sleep made me sleep on the train and miss the wonderful landscapes. I remember waking up from time to tome, seeing all that beauty and trying to stay awake. But I couldn’t! My boyfriend did it, he didn’t sleep at all!

25. Milan – 8/9

Anecdote of our city experience: We saw many models walking on the street! They are very thin and tall!


Duomo is surely one of the most impressive buildings in Europe. There is also a nice shopping street (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II). And a castle. We saw all that, but we were so sad that our trip is finishing, we did not enjoy Milan.

26. Bari – 9/9

Anecdote of our city experience:We didn’t plan in seeing Bari at all. We just planned to wait in the harbor for the ship. We ate our only italian pizza there (end of the trip, so we didn’t worry about money anymore)

Sad that our trip is finishing and believing that Bari has nothing (we had just seen all the capitals of Europe! What would Bari show us? Probably looks like Brindisi) we just went to the harbor to wait for the ship. My boyfriend started looking at the photos we had and I was bored, so I left the bags with him and went for a walk. And surprise!

Bari is actually very cute! It has an old town that makes you feel like you are indeed in the old times! I didn’t have the camera with me, so there are no photos. I was walking around, surprisingly impressed. By I thought my boyfriend would get worried, so I bought a pizza and hurried back. I looked after our stuff and he made a quick tour of the city too.


And then we were on the ship back to Greece! Trip was over 😦




If you have time, do an interrail trip. Taking the train is my favourite way of traveling. You get to feel the trip better, see the actual route (as opposed to flying), without having to drive. And trains comfortable, there are bathrooms, you can get up and walk… So buy an interrail ticket and experience all that in a very low price!

Having done that and seeing most of Europe is also what  led us make trips outside of Europe.

Personal ❤ from this trip

The whole of Italy








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    1. Μακάρι να το κάνεις σύντομα 🙂 Ακόμα και αν πας σε όλες τις χώρες μια μια, όποτε έχεις διακόπες, δεν ειναι το ίδιο με το να κανεις ενα μεγάλο ταξίδι με τρένο (για μένα τουλάχιστον)

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