Tag a la Jo

Jo (is that how you write it in english? or Geo?) from Cherrybookish’s blog created a book tag and I have to respond!

Let’s go!

(Jo, i offer you the translation with no cost!)

  • If you could jump with grace in the pages of your favorite book, in which story would you land?

I am still waiting for the owl to bring my letter… Do you think it is lost?

(I had to choose one of the books I read as a kid, when I imagined for days that I live in their world!)


  • With which literary character would you like to be stuck in an elevator at 31/12 before the year changes and spend together the first morning hours? 

If I have to be stuck in an elevator and get bored, I would like an interesting person to be with me. I choose Nikolai Hel from Shibumi! Very interesting person!


  • You wake up in the middle of the night by your cellphone ringing. It is the White House, they ask you to save the world again. From which literary destruction will you save humanity?


I may not read  Walkind Dead or it might not be considered literature, but it is my only chance in becoming a zombie-killer! Zombies for ever! Don’t worry, I’ll save you all! I already have plans for big zombie-traps!

  • A group of villains enters your house with the goal of burning all your books. You have the right to keep two. Which ones do you choose? 

I will choose for sure one that I read often, A tree grows in Brooklyn. For the second, I have many in my mind… I will choose 1Q84, I have only read it once and I wan to see if I really like it as much as I remember.

  • The same group of villains ask you to burn a book that will disappear forever and no one will read again. Which one do you choose?

What kind of book-villains are these? I will choose 50 Shades of Grey, I don’t think it offers anything to humanity, except implying that all women expect a gorgeous billionaire to save us.

  • The world is over and the only thing left is a big steel box, in which you can be safe. You can take (apart from your family) a writer with you, which one do you choose? 

I will also choose Palahniuk! He is a crazy boy and he will make the boring life in the steel box more interesting! (note to self: read more Palahniuk!)


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