The rest of my 2015 books

I have already posted something about most of the books I read in 2015.

The 30 books I read for readathon2015:

Part1     Part2     Part3

The 12 books I read for the summer readathon.

And the graphic novels I read in 2015.


I have also written reviews for some books I read after I started my blog:

Now it is time to write a little bit about the rest of the books I read in 2015.




Very interesting book! Different! It is the story of some kids in a boarding school. But as the story progresses, the hints of something strange multiply. I totally recommend it. It has also been made into a movie.




I have also read Not That Kind of Girl, by Lena Dunham and Bossypants, by Tina Fey. I really love the tv-series of these three women. However I can’t say that the books taught me anything.

Lena Dunham’s was by far the worst for me. The other two were good enough. I prefer “Bossypants” over “Yes please”, but I was always more of a Tina girl anyway 🙂 However, as a book,”Yes please” was amazing(at least the version I bought) , with hard cover, photos, different kinds of pages etc.



I only read the first one (the only translated in greek). I thought it was ok, pretty interesting setup. However I have learned that in these kind of dystopian YA books, the first one is always the best, so I didn’t proceed. In this dystopian society, your job is decided by “them”, according to your skills. The main character is given the rare job of being “Receiver of Memory”, but as “The Giver” teaches him how to do this “job”, they are both starting to wonder about this world that they live in…

Also it is a movie, but everyone says it sucks, so I haven’t watched it yet… Although Meryl Strip is in it…




The famous story that I was watching when I was a kid. I wish I had read the book then too, I would have loved it!







I really liked it! Hardcore science fiction as I call these books, that you need to pay some more attention in the beginning to grasp the “world”, such as Clive Barker’s Imajica (somehow). The world is a complicated place, corporations are in charge of the food. It is set up in Thailand. I totally recommend it, but only if you like this kind of science fiction.



  • Girls’ boarding school books

As a kid I LOVED the series St Claire’s, Malory Towers and Trebizon. I was dreaming that I was going to a boarding school too. I lately realized I was missing the last two Trebizon books because they were not translated in greek. So I bought them in english (used only) and read them now:

Secret Letters at Trebizon

The Unforgettable Fifth at Trebizon

And since my boarding school interest rekindled, I ordered two more:

The School at the Chalet, which I didn’t like, too “old” and it didn’t have the boarding school things that I like (lessons, sleeping in the dorm, etc)

Seraphina, which to my surprise I really enjoyed!

And since I was looking around, I also tried a magic boarding school:

The Worst Witch, which I think it will be interesting for young girls. Too small and simple for me to actually enjoy it.



The world ended because of a flu. The book has chapters that happen on the time of the outbreak and chapters that take place many years later, when we follow a nomadic group of actors that travel around USA (the small villages that exist now) and perform Shakespeare. There are 3-4 main characters that are connected, you can choose who is the main character for you (for me it was Kirsten).

A different post-apocalyptic book, I think I loved it, but I want to read it in greek too (it will be translated I think) in order to verify that. But surely I liked it a lot!


eleanorA very nice, realistic YA book. Eleanor is the new girl at school, not pretty, weirdly dressed and with a very bad environment at home. Park is a quiet boy, not very popular but everyone likes him. A heartbreaking love story. I hope everyone that likes YA has read this book, because that is how things REALLY are.

(by the way, I am considering of buying the english version, just because the greek cover and title are terrible)




Cath and Wren are twins, doing everything together all their lives. But when they go to college, things change. Wren (more outgoing) wants to live in separate rooms in order to meet more people. Cath doesn’t want to meet people, she wants to keep writing her fanfiction.

A very pleasant book about college, boys, friendships, family, you will enjoy reading it.



I am not embarrassed to say that I learned this fairy tale from Chandler in FRIENDS. I finally read it and I was impressed! I actually enjoyed it! It has some deep meanings.





I just finished this one, the ending was like watching a movie, my eyes were glued on the pages. It is a detective kind of book, not a horror one. A retired policeman is trying to catch a guy that some years ago killed many people by driving on a crowd with a Mercedes. A page-turner, as his books usually are.





I am just now finishing it, but the verdict is already out. I don’t like it. Short stories, some of them only one-two pages long. I liked some of them, but some of the others didn’t make much sense. It was hard for me to finish it, I was reading reading and then realizing I didn’t absorb anything.




That’s all!






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