Books I brought from Greece

I am back from my Christmas holidays and I brought back A LOT of books!

2016-01-04 12.05.22

I didn’t buy most of them, I just moved them here.

(by the way it is snowing in Netherlands as you can see, I thought Fani would be so happy, but I think it didn’t snow in her city yet)

Let’s see the books more closely:

1. The trilogies

2016-01-04 12.39.45

Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy, which includes:

I have no idea what they are about (something end-of-the-world-y), I haven’t read Margaret Atwood yet and I am very excited! The only bad thing is I can’t seem to fit it in any of my readathon categories 😮

2016-01-04 12.08.37

The “El cemeterio de los libros olvidados”  (Cemetary of the Forgotten books) trilogy (now I see there is a 2.5 book, hmmm…) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, which includes:

I hear so many praises about this trilogy! It is about lost books and mystery. Sounds exciting… but they are huge!


2. The “classics”

2016-01-04 12.09.53

The kind of books “you have” to read 🙂

In my 2016 book resolution, I mentioned that I want to read Dostoyevsky this year, so I brought along two very old copies of:

These were his only complete books I had, since the others have more than one books in this specific edition. I don’t know which one I will read first yet. I also have many of his work in ebooks, so maybe I will start with a big one!

I also decided I should read more Kafka, since the only one I have read is Metamorphosis, which I really liked. So I bought:

I also brought along an old copy of:

by Harriet Beecher Stowe, because I don’t remember anything (I read it very young) and one of the readathon categories is to read “one book you haven’t read since you were a kid”.

Finally, it is time this year to read Karagatsis! I brought my sitting-in-the-shelf-for-years copy of:

  • The 10 (my translation 🙂 )

I don’t know what it is about, I assume it describes greek society of some years ago, so I think I  will enjoy it.


3. The uncategorized

2016-01-04 12.11.25

Many many nice books 🙂

No, it is totally irrelevant with the famous Grey trilogy. WWII in Lithuania. It was in my to-read pile forever. I decided to finally read it, because of Eleni from Over the Place. She keeps advertising it, I have no choice!

A book about a boy with a face disfigurement. It will also be a movie this year.

I see lately many people reading it, so I figured it will be a good choice for the “biography” category of the readathon. It is the self-biography of Patti Smith, famous and beloved singer.

  • J, by Howard Jakobson

As you can see in my photo, the greek title is E. The back cover says something about a kid that his father didn’t let him say the work starting with E (which is J in english apparently). I want to read it just to find out which word it is! No spoilers please!

I wanted to buy that book since I was 18, but it always seemed too expensive. It has a hard cover and nice shiny pages, which makes it expensive in Greece. This year I got the chance to have it for free, so I got it of course! It has illustrations from Clive Barker himself and it is a fantasy book.

The book everyone is talking about, with more than 1000 pages. There is a lot of hype around that book, because the editors paid 2 million dollars to buy it and it is Hallberg’s first book. I think it is some kind of record. I am curious to see what the fuss is all about. The story seems interesting.



That’s all! Overweight luggage again! The worst part is, I will have to move them back to Greece again after I read them 😕



7 thoughts on “Books I brought from Greece

  1. Very interesting choices Zizeloni! 😉 Καλοδιάβαστα!

    Regarding the first category: If you haven’t read Margaret Atwood yet then your books are already belong in the category of Readathon “A book from a writer I have never read before” 😉

    Still no snow here, only unbelievable cold! Pffff…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I thought of that category, although it is technically “an author you discovered this year”. So I think it should be someone I don’t know yet 🙂 But we’ll see, if I feel like reading them, I will do it regardless of readathon!
      There is also the category “a book that belongs in a trilogy” 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I am kind of confused… If you haven’t read any books of a specific author but you know his/her name, can you really say that you know this author? I mean I think we know an author when we have read one or more of his/her books right? Unless if we are talking about someone unbelievably famous whose books we never read…


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