Bookish Secret Santa 2015

The book website So little sleeping and so much reading organized a Bookish Secret Santa for 2015 (I can imagine how much work this required!)

I sent a wishlist of 12 books in Greek and 7 books in English and soon I received the person I would have to send a book. The idea was to also send more cute stuff and make the package cute.


What I received

First of all, I did something stupid: I didn’t keep my wishlist after I sent it.

And when I received the wishlist of the person I had to send a package, I saw that all of the books she wanted were in English. I was not going to arrange an Amazon delivery (didn’t now about bookdepository yet) only for one book!

So I ordered more books that I also wanted and played with the chances that my Secret Santa, being most possible a residence in Greece, would just go to the bookstore and buy me one of the 10 greek books of my wishlist.

But no! 🙂 I soon received a folder with treats and no book.

Just as I was wondering if my Secret Santa had totally misinterpreted the whole procedure, I noticed a note on the envelope to wait for 2 books from

That means that it was 2 books from my English list. I didn’t remember all the books I put in this list, but I was sure I had already bought most of them. Actually I was 100% sure one of the books would be Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell (for no reason, just intuition).

Then the first book arrived! What joy! It was Wetlands, by Charlotte Roche. I had chosen that book because I saw it on a “banned books” list, but then I saw the low Goodreads score and decided not to buy. That’s why it is the perfect present!

(My Perfect Present Definition: something you kind of want, but wouldn’t buy yourself) 

I was so happy! I had at least one book! I would give the other one (still sure it was going to be Carry On) to a friend as present.

And then double joy! The second book arrived and it was Cat Country by Lao She, a chinese science-fiction novel published in the 30s!

2015-12-19 15.26.22


These were all my cool presents from Katerina! So happy 🙂


What I sent 

It is good that I was happy with what I received, because what I sent was an adventure!

Naturally, as soon as I saw my “receiver’s” name, I searched her on facebook, to get a sense of her style. And she had a very interesting style! Her name is Nefeli and this is her blog.

As I was looking at her pictures on facebook, she reminded me of one of my friends. And then it hit me! I knew my friend had a friend named Nefeli and I was sure that was her! I asked my friend and she confirmed. So I had to be very attentive 🙂

This is what I sent her:

2015-11-26 18.20.39

The book I chose from her list was Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell (because I knew that my friend also liked it).

I also sent christmas ornaments, socks of a girl with blue hair (Nefeli has blue hair), a note book with colored pages, a limited edition Tony’s chocolate, an origami box I made and other small stuff.


I sent my package December 1st.

And it got lost. The dutch post office said they will search for it but it could take weeks. I didn’t have time to make something nice and I felt so bad and was also stressed about that, so I decided I would send something else.

But I only had time to send something directly from a greek bookstore, no time for a handmade package. I sent her A Cucckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm, by Robert Galbraith (or J.K. Rowling) and a notebook.

She received it on time and uploaded a picture on the facebook page of Somuchreading:



And then finally yesterday she received the other package too!

I was so happy!



Despite all the drama, I would definitely do it again next year!



5 thoughts on “Bookish Secret Santa 2015

  1. I have read and liked Fangirl for what it was,a lovely YA read.Not challenging,just..lovely.The JK Rowling mysteries i loved!She wrote a good male character!!!Also I have that cupcake smelly thingy hehe and I love ION.

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