China trip 1: Shanghai with my dad (Overview)


March 8th – March 13th 2009

That means the weather is a little chilly and there is possibility of rain.

It only rained once when we were here and unfortunately it rained on our day trip to Suzhou


(nice polluted China)

A little colder/cloudier than Greece and a little warmer/less rainy than Netherlands. And of course, smog for many days.

Travel Mate:

My dad


Yes, my first China trip was with my dad! A middle aged Greek man that has almost never gone out of Greece (except a bus trip to Germany when he was 20) and has never been on a plane (except to go to Rhodos on his honeymoon).


Sounds like a fun trip-mate, right?

Well, he was! Despite all of the above, my dad is openminded and likes new experiences. He really loved the trip, although he didn’t enjoy the food.

There are limits of “openmindness” for a Greek middle-aged man and food always passes the limit! But he tried everything, even things I didn’t want to eat.


Best part of the trip:

When we got lost trying to find “the old city” and ended up in a chinese food market.

market Biggest regret of this trip:

I did not take any photos of this food market. I felt like we were intruding and that it would be insulting to take photos.

I did not know then that Chinese love having their photo taken.

But I remember everything clearly: chicken in cages (the cage was completely full), living fish, bean sprouts, weird vegetables…

All of these on temporary tables, plastic chairs or just on a piece of cloth.

The worst part is, I don’t know how to go there again! The photo above is the “entrance” of the market, it is just there on the corner.


Where did we stay:

Rhea Boutique Hotel, close to Shanghai Railway Station, walking distance from the metro station.


It was pretty good and fancy. The breakfast was chinese mainly: chicken, rice, noodles 🙂


That’s it for this post.

In the next post, I will describe Shanghai’s tourist attractions.


6 thoughts on “China trip 1: Shanghai with my dad (Overview)

    1. Haha yes, he was very brave! He actually thought the thing he is eating in the photo was pork. Turned out to be some kind of vegetable. But still he was happy that he tried it, even though he didn’t like it!

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