The Weirdest Book in my Library: Codex Seraphinianus

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Last year I found out about the existence of this book. I don’t remember how, probably by The book is called Codex Seraphinianus and it is the weirdest book ever.

First of all, it is written in a language made up by its author, Luigi Serafini

2016-01-28 00.33.30

Secondly, it has the most amazing and crazy drawings. They seem to depict an alien world, with different kind of biology, plants, machines and laws of physics/chemistry/biology.

2016-01-28 00.31.26

2016-01-28 00.33.11

2016-01-28 00.32.11

2016-01-28 00.31.50

2016-01-28 00.32.22

And finally, no one has deciphered it yet! And the weird part is, the author is still alive and well, but he doesn’t help at all!

In the edition I got (I bought it used, still super expensive) there is a “decodex”:

2016-01-28 00.34.01


But that is all it says!

That the word DECODEX is written that way in this language. I would guess that that would be enough for someone to decode. The first symbol is DE, the second CO and the third DEX.

But it is not that simple!

Apparently the numbers were decoded by a Bulgarian linguist, Ivan Derzhanski.

The best cryptographer I have found online is this one. James M. Duyer from Costa Rica (at least that is what the copyrights of the page say) has done a pretty good job! If you are interested, you can read the webpage, there is a lot of analysis of the language. But it is not complete. And as I understood, one problem is that the language translates to Italian, as the author is Italian! We need an Italian cryptographer to spent some time with the book ASAP!

Although it is very interesting to see how James M. Duyer is decoding the language, I never devoved time to go through his webpage. Mainly because I know that there are people obsessed with this book, I am sure they have more willpower and skills to decode it than me.

I just want to know what this book says! I mean, what is the deal with this croissant?

2016-01-28 00.32.40

What is wrong with this dear?

2016-01-28 01.17.50

What kind of world is that?

2016-01-28 01.19.02


The whole Codex is available on Flickr: Part1  and Part2 

I just found this site where you can download it in pdf, together with the other “unreadable” book, the Voynich Manuscript. Codex Seraphinianus also has a facebook page!

Take a look! You will want it to be decoded soon too!

And here is one article about the book.





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