China trip 2: Quarantined Vacations in Beijing (Before the Quarantine)

We stayed in the dorms of BLCU (two by two), we attended 4-hour classes (I think) everyday and did the extra-curriculum activities arranged by BLCU. They had made different programs for the people staying two weeks and for the people staying one month. That way we would all see most of Beijing’s attractions.


the welcome dinner, where I tried Beijing duck for the first time (it is awesome!)

The dorms were pretty good, but also kind of expensive. You would expect China to be cheaper! The next year we stayed in a super hotel near the campus with only 2 euros more per person.

The only bad part in the dorms was that we had to leave the window open (air-condition was annoying, as house air-conditions are) and mosquitos had a party. Since that year, I always get huge marks when mosquitos bite me, which did not happen before. I do not know why…


this is actually in the BLCU campus


Our classroom and one of our teachers

We were free in the afternoons, but we had to study and Beijing is huge. There is not much around BLCU (although the next year I loved the area, after living there for a month). But I had only experience modern Shanghai for a few days and real-life in the “outskirts” of Beijing was amazing for me.









After all, this is what I enjoy the most in Asia. Not the touristic attractions, but how people live their everyday lives.

We only got to do the first of our programmed touristic excursions before the quarantine:  Yonghe Lamasery (Lama Temple)

It was our first encounter with traditional chinese buildings and we were of course amazed.








Apart from the beautiful buildings, the statues and the gardens, I also had the opportunity to observe chinese people there.



chinese babies don’t wear diapers, just pants that are open in the back 🙂


that’s how they empty the fancy garbage bins in the temple

After the temple we had a fancy dinner:


And finally we went to an impressive acrobatics show.

The next day we were moved to the quarantine-hotel.




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