My hobbies through books: Dance books

2016-02-10 12.19.59

I decided to present my hobbies through books. This is my first post and it is about dancing.


Dancing is one of my hobbies. I take classes of modern and contemporary dance. I have no idea what the difference is, I guess contemporary is more loose. Of course I am a beginner in both of them and I don’t see me improving much 🙂 But I have fun, I work out and in the end of the year we even have a school-kind of show 🙂

Anyway, after watching Flesh and Bone, a series about ballet dancers in New York, I decided to read some dancing books. I haven’t read them yet, but since that will take forever, I decided to present them now 🙂

1. Dancer, by Colum McCann

2016-02-10 12.21.45

The life of Rudolf Nureyev, probably the most famous dancer ever. He had a very interesting life. He was a great dancer, bisexual, impatient, he was friends with many celebrities of the time, he defected from Soviet Union to USA and died from HIV. I am sure this book will be very interesting.


2. Ballet Shoes, by Noel Streatfeild

2016-02-10 12.21.25

A children’s book about three orphans that try to make it as ballet dancers, although maybe they have different dreams. It is the part of a children’s series including more kind of “shoes“, such as Circus Shoes and Theater Shoes, which I also want to read.


3. Dancer, by Lorri Hewett

2016-02-10 12.21.17

Another children’s book (well, maybe more mature than the previous one) about a young girl that love dance and is good at it. However, her parent’s are worried that she will not have many opportunities in the ballet industry because of her skin color…


4. On Pointe, by Laurie Ann Grover

2016-02-10 12.21.34

A Young Adult novel about a young dancer that has spent years practicing ballet in order to enter a ballet group. Family pressure, weight loss, competition… Sounds like a total cliche book, good for passing the time 🙂


That is it for now! If you have any good dance books to recommend, leave a comment!


9 thoughts on “My hobbies through books: Dance books

  1. Σημείωσα ήδη το Dancing Shoes και το Dancer της Lorri Hewett στο Goodreads 🙂 Έκανα 13 χρόνια μοντέρνο και κλασσικό μπαλέτο αν και προτιμούσα πάντα το πρώτο, ενώ στο κλασσικό δεν ήμουν ιδιαίτερα καλή. Ο χορός είναι πλέον τρόπος ζωής. Θα αρχίσεις να ακούς ορισμένες μουσικές κάνοντας χωρίς να το σκέφτεσαι χορογραφίες στο μυαλό σου :p

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    1. Α ναι το κανω χρονια αυτο 🙂 Χορογραφιες που δεν μπορω προσωπικα να κανω, αλλα δεν εχει σημασια!


      1. Καλά ναι, απλώς ίσως ν σκέφτεσαι ότι η τάδε μουσική θα γινόταν καλή χορογραφία για σύγχρονο κλπ. Επίσης είναι καλή ευκαιρία για διεύρυνση συλλογής σε κορμάκια και κολάν 😀

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