New books (again!)

2016-02-17 11.54.39


Yes, I have bought more books! For various reasons and using various excuses (like the very good excuse of “I actually need a book so why not take advantage of the shipping to buy some more?”)

Anyway, these are the books I bought over the last couple of months:

1. The ones I saw in Over the place

2016-02-17 12.00.07

As usual, Eleni is making me buy books!

The story sounds intriguingly un-interesting: an old lady decides to walk 2,000 miles in Canada in order to see the sea for the first time in her life. In the meantime, her husband sits home and reminisces, while the neighbor (in love with the old-lady for years) also reminisces of the past.

Sounds weird right? How can this be an interesting book? And Eleni gave it 5 stars, which makes it even more interesting for me.

A theater play about a meeting between the boy that inspired Peter Pan and a girl that inspired Alice in Wonderland (when they are much older of course). Sounds like a very cool idea and I would really like to see the play too, especially after seeing Judi Dench on the cover.

A tiny book about a town where it is always February and bad things happen. Sounded like a very interesting story, plus the book is so cute!

  • Skim, by Mariko Tamaki & Jillian Tamaki

After reading and loving the graphic novel This One Summer, Eleni suggested this graphic novel by the same creators. I have no idea what it is about, but I liked their style and the cover looks cool too. Can’t wait to read it!

The real-life story of the author, who was raised in a very religious environment but at 16 fell in love with another woman. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that what I bought is NOT the actual book, because it looks very weird inside, as if it is a manual for a literature course on how to read a book… I blame amazon for this and I am ordering the actual book asap… Horrible! And I am stuck with this stupid useless thing!


2. The used books

2016-02-17 11.55.54

There is a fecebook group for selling/swapping used books. I bought these four books through this group.

I read and enjoyed the first book of the series last year. These are books 2 and 4, but I have 3 on an ebook form. It is a children/adolescent book series, about a young boy living in England in the 80s-90s. Pretty funny!

I have no idea what this book is about, the girl selling the Adrian Mole was also selling this, so I thought “why not?”. I don’t even know what “spats” means.

Someone was selling it, no one was buying it, so I again thought “why not?”. When I picked it up, I realized it was the biggest book I ever owned. The girl selling it told me it is the writer that has written “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas” (also included in the book), which I didn’t even know was a book/story. I am interested in reading his stories, but I am very intimidated by the size of this book.


3. The Pippi Longstocking books

2016-02-17 11.58.58

Pippi Longstocking‘s books are still one of my favorite children’s books. In general I love Astrid Lindgren, but Pippi is her best character. I recently found out there are 3 more stories I have not read. I bought 2 of them (along with the figurines ❤ ). The 3rd one is too expensive, I will think about it a little more before I buy it.


4. And the rest

2016-02-17 11.49.59

The uncategorized books of every book haul 🙂

The famous Shoes series of children’s books that I also mentioned here, where I introduced Ballet Shoes. I still haven’t read it, but since I always loved the circus world, I decided to buy Circus Shoes as well.

A novel based on the manga Death Note, which I am currently reading (but since it is exactly the same as the anime I have watched numerous times, I am not very motivated to finish). In this novel, L has twenty-three days to live, and twenty-two days to save the world. I am curious to see what it is about and L was my favorite character of Death Note, so I thought I should give it a try. I actually thought it was a manga book, but it is a normal book 🙂

A crime novel based in Argentina. I have heard good things about this author and I have not read many books set in Latin America.


That is all for now! Hopefully I will manage to restrain my self from buying more books… or start reading faster…


11 thoughts on “New books (again!)

  1. Πω πω πω βιβλία! Ζηλεύω αλλά έχω πει στον εαυτό μου να συμμαζευτεί με τις αγορές και να διαβάσει πρώτα αυτά που έχει! Καλοδιάβαστα τα δικά σου και περιμένουμε book reviews!

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  2. Υπέροχα! Για αρχή χορταίνει το μάτι χρώματα! Σχεδιάζω να πάρω κι εγώ το “Etta and Otto and Russel and James” και το “Peter and Alice”. 🙂 Καλό διάβασμα!

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      1. Έτσι ακριβώς! Μέχρι στιγμής στην “to read” list μου στο goodreads έχω 249 βιβλία…Μέχρι να πάρω τα επόμενα 5 θα έχω προσθέσει άλλα τόσα…Δεν υπάρχει σωτηρία :p

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