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As you may know, I am following a readathon by

I am reading books that belong to 64 categories and I am taking pictures where I wear clothes that kind of fit the book. Here you can see my posts so far:

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I recently had to make a quick trip to Greece. The book I am currently reading is City on Fire, which weighs about 2 kilos I think. Not what I would choose for travel reading. Plus I would have to carry it back, I would surely not finish it during my trip.

Once in Greece, I saw all the books I had ordered and decided to read some small ones there and avoid bringing them back and forth.

2016-03-30 18.28.03

One of the books that Eleni from OverThePlace recommends. First of all, the design is nice:

But even if there were no drawings, the book is amazing. It is very short, I would say it is maybe meant for children. Although it is a very sad book, so be cautious.

The book is about a boy whose mother has cancer. A tree-monster starts visiting him at nights for some reason. The book is extremely well-written. Imagine that I was reading it on public transportation and while waiting in lines and still I was very deep into the story. It is the first time in a movie or book that I felt what cancer actually means. That people actually can die from it. I am not going to say if the mother dies or not or if we even find that out at the end, I am just saying that throughout the book the danger of death was so obvious. I haven’t felt that with other stories.

I totally recommend reading it. It is very small too, you can easily put it in your to-read list 🙂

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


2016-03-31 15.47.46

This book is not translated in English.

But I wouldn’t recommend it anyway.

Which pains me to say, because I love George Saris, I have read all her books (almost) multiple times.

2016-04-02 17.39.03

I really love her autobiographical stories and I feel like I know her.

But this book… ugh. The story takes place during WW1. The main character is separated from his wife and baby daughter because he has to work in Odessa while they are in France (not easy to travel during the war). The main character is a horrible specimen of a man: he writes literally disgustingly romantic letters to his wife: “I can’t live without you”, “Why don’t you write more to me, I suffer” etc.

And then he cheats on her.

And the worst part is, this is being justified throughout the book by the excuse that “men are not like women, they need sex. Women don’t need sex”.

Because I love the author, I will assume that this is not her opinion and that she was just transferring the opinions of that era.

I also found the ending cheap. That being said, the book is pleasant to read, small, it is set in a place and time we usually don’t read about, so you can give it a try (if you read greek!).

⭐ ⭐ 1/2


2016-04-04 01.50.04


I had read that book when it first came out some years ago. But I didn’t remember anything.

Except (after reading some pages) who killed the dog.

The narrator of the book is an autistic 15-year old boy, who love science. Seeing the world through his eyes is what makes the book different. Also every second chapter or so is dedicated to something scientific: a mathematical quiz, something astronomical etc.

I found it a very pleasant read. Recommend!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐



This is my favorite book (I think) and I re-read it almost every time I go back to Greece. Well, not all of it every time, but some part. I had the time to read about 1/4 this time.

When I was young, I used to read a shortened version:

2016-04-02 17.38.39

One day I found in a bazaar a normal version, two volumes on hard cover. I was debating whether I should buy it, because it was from an unknown publishing house, I was afraid the translation was going to annoy me and most importantly, I was afraid it would spoil the idea I had of that book.

But I bought it.

2016-04-02 17.38.09

And I am so happy I did! I was missing out so much! The shortened version is for children, so anything sexual is removed. That makes the book loose a lot of its magic. Also the parents’ past is removed, we learn nothing about their families. Anyway, buy the normal version!

I want to read it in English too, now that I am used to reading in English. But I want to go to Brooklyn, some blocks away from the Williamsburg bridge (where the family lived) and buy it from a local bookstore. So… not happening anytime soon! And imagine, I was there and I saw a guy selling it on the street. But I didn’t read easily in English yet, so I didn’t buy it (stupid!)

I assume everyone has read it. If not, you should.

The story is set in the beginning of the 1900s in the poor neighborhoods of Brooklyn. The story revolves around a girl, Francie Nolan, and her family, that try to survive and do something more than just work until they die.

I really love this book. Please read it!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


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