China trip 3: Living in China (precious memories)

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China trip 3: Living in China (living in Beijing)


This post will not be helpful for any of you that want to plan a trip to Beijing.

I will not mention any tourist attractions, but I want to write down some stuff that I don’t want to forget.


  • Celebrating one of my friend’s birthday in the revolving TV-tower


The three of us got dressed up and tried to reach the old TV-tower… It was so funny, we were wearing kind of nice clothes, my friends were wearing platforms and we were walking in dirty streets trying to find the entrance to the TV-tower.


The TV-tower restaurant was so cool. The tables were at the revolving part and the all you can eat buffet on the stable part. So you go to take some food and then your table has moved!



Unfortunately there was a lot of fog that day, so we could not enjoy the view.


After dinner, we looked around at some tv stuff they had there.


Then we returned at our area and got a tiny cheesecake, only for my friend to blow out the candles. We were too full to eat it.



  • Graduation day


The day we finished our mandarin classes, took our diplomas and spent more than half an hour trying to take jumping pictures in front of the Confucius statue in BLCU.

I am obviously amazing in that:


And my friend suck (that is their most “jumpy” photo):



  • The amazing business idea that did not happen

This was 2010. There was no frozen yoghurt stores in Greece. And we spent our days eating this:


We thought we should bring that to Greece. My friend even talked about it with her parents. But they did not do it and 2 years later Greece was full with frozen yoghurt stores. Well, most of them have closed now, but theirs would have been the first one!


  • Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a bakery kind of chain. There was one close to BLCU and we had breakfast there usually.


  • The night we stayed up until 5 to watch the World Cup Final

At Charlie Brown Cafe, close to BLCU, that stayed open all night for that reason.


the teddy bear was watching too and she was closing it’s eyes on the stressful moments

Spain won over Netherlands and we finally went to bed.


  • The Bridge Cafe


A cafe next to BLCU where international (and chinese) students go to study and eat. At first you don’t see anything special, just a normal, cozy cafe.



But they make pasta! And you really need to eat some familiar food once in a while.


And it was nice to have a place to just go and hang out and study.

Plus, one of my friends wanted to move there when she saw this:


I am definitely visiting that area again when I go to Beijing. And I will go shop in “our mall” too ❤




that was our metro station

  • The weird stuff

There are a lot of weird stuff in China. Signs for example:

Or chips:

Or ideas:





That is all about Beijing.

I can finally move on to the next part of the trip!




8 thoughts on “China trip 3: Living in China (precious memories)

  1. Άλλη μια παρόμοια ανάρτηση και φεύγωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωωω! (αχ! αν είχα τα λεφτά, σίγουρα!) 😉
    Υπέροχη και αυτή η παρουσίαση!
    ΑΦιλάκιαααααααααααααα! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Αχ αχ αυτα τα ρημαδια τα λεφτα… δεν φερνουν την ευτυχια αλλα βοηθανε… Θα δεις σιγουρα παρομοιες αναρτησεις συντομα, οποτε ετοιμασε βαλιτσες!


      1. Είναι τόσο καλές οι περιγραφές σου που είναι σαν να έχω ήδη φύγει μαζί σου!!! 😉
        Έμαθα δυστυχώς από παιδί να ταξιδεύω πολυτελώς, έτσι αν δεν έχω την οικονομική άνεση, προτιμώ το σπιτάκι μου! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Μετα το πρωτο μου μεγαλο ταξιδι που κοιμομασταν στους σταθμους των τρενων, ολα μου φαινονται πολυτελεια 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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