Book Haul Summer 2016

As I said on a previous post, I have disappeared lately because of major life events (finishing and defending my PhD, finding a new job, plus a 20-day trip to China…).

I have fallen a little behind on my reading, but I have finished the next 5 books of the readathon and I am posting as soon as I take the photos.

However, I did have a completely unnecessary book haul.

I don’t even want to say my lame excuses for this. Let’s just say buying books makes me happy!

2016-07-02 14.32.45



  • The book I bought from London

2016-07-02 14.37.50

I went to London to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the theater play which is the 8th Harry Potter story. It takes place when Harry’s son goes to Hogwarts. It is AMAZING. The story is amazing and the play is amazing too – a lot of magic happening on stage. Great production! I hope you can go see it or at least read the book when it is out. I will prepare a post about, without spoilers of course!

Anyway, as I have said on a previous post, on a previous trip to London I realized it is unfortunately cheaper to buy books on and have them send them to Netherlands, than buying books directly from a bookstore in England. But I decided I will buy one book every time I go to London and I want to choose something special.

Last time I bought The Heart Goes Last because it was the no1 best seller then and I found it in a special edition in Foyles with orange page-ends and signed (well, fake-signed, with a stamp) from Margaret Atwood.

This time, I was in London June 16th, the first day The Girls, the highly expected debut novel of Emma Cline (a lot of money given to her for this debut), circulated in England. The book is set in the 60s in USA and it is about a girl entering a weird cult. So I bought a nice real-signed copy from Waterstones and I am super happy about it!

2016-07-02 14.38.17


  • The suggestions

2016-07-02 14.41.03

Take it as a compliment and The trouble with women were a suggestion from Eleni (Over the Place). They are both comic books. I already read “Take it as a compliment”, it is a book with short stories of some kind of sexual harassment. Some were jail-worth situations and some everyday situations (e.g. name calling on the street) that just make you sad about society.

“The trouble with women” is a funny book making fun of how little we learn at school about women in history and presents some of them.

The Ice Twins was a suggestion from Katerina (Garden of Stories). It sounded like a cool psychological thriller. Two identical twin girls, one dies in an accident. A year later, the other twin claims she is not the one the parents think she is, but the one that they think has died. I am really curious about this story.

The Ruins was a suggestion from Jo (Cherrybookish’s Blog). It is a horror novel set in a Mexican jungle, where some tourists try to find their friend that has mysteriously disappeared. I guess that something supernatural is involved. Sounds interesting, I hope the writing is creating a scary enough atmosphere.

The Collector is a suggestion by a bookworm professor that taught me a class in my master studies. Well, I would call her friend now since she is not teaching me anymore and she is super cool. She really loves this book. I don’t really know what it is about (a guy collecting butterflies… I hope there is more to it), but since she keeps suggesting it, I really want to read it.


  • The used books

2016-07-02 14.39.10

These are three books I bought used, before ordering all the others.

Grotesque, by Natsuo Kirino. I had read Out by the same author and I really liked it. She writes about murders etc, but what I enjoyed most in Out was the descriptions of japanese life (as usual, I am obsessed with Asia). Especially the food factory, I really liked this part. Anyway, Grotesque is about two murdered prostitutes and focuses on the prostitution world of Tokyo. I think I will like it a lot!

Chocolates for Breakfast is a book published in 1956 about a 15-year-old girl and her scandalous life. I read about this book in an article, I don’t remember where. It is supposed to be famous, it was very scandalous when it was published, the author killed herself in 1964… All that hype made me want to read it. The only bad thing is that the used copy I bought is kind of in a bad shape. But at least it doesn’t look dirty.

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P.Feynman: Richard Feynman was a very famous physicist and one of these brilliant people that can really talk about anything in the world. I have a friend who is totally in love with him, so I bought this book to see why she loves him so much. Now I only have to read it 😕

  • The award winners

2016-07-02 14.42.58

The Vegetarian, by Han Kang, won the Man Booker Prize of 2016. It is a story about a South Korean deciding to go vegetarian! I want to read more Korean books and learn more about the life there and this seems like a good choice.

A little life, by Hanya Yanagihara, has won a bunch of awards lately. The story sounds interesting to me: four classmates from a small college move to New York. Different personalities, childhood traumas, years pass and relationships change… sounded like the Donna Tartt novel’s I like. But it is much bigger than I thought and it is kind of scary!

  • Authors I know and like

2016-07-02 14.42.11

Piercing and Audition, by Ruy Murakami. I don’t even know what they are about, but I know Ruy Murakami. It will be sick/psycho stories set in modern Japan. I think they will resemble In the miso soup, with it’s underlying horror and the very good description of the Tokyo nightlife.

M Train, by Patti Smith. I loved Just Kids and I loved Patti Smith because of it. This book is also autobiographical and I am sure I will like it too.

Smoke and Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman. I am kind of torn about Neil Gaiman. I found The ocean at the end of the lane ok and I loved Neverwhere. So I am not sure I love him yet. But Smoke and Mirrors is a collection of short stories, I think it will go on my “plus” list of Neil Gaiman.

  • The rest

2016-07-02 14.44.00

I don’t remember where I found out about these books, probably again from Eleni’s blog, but I am not sure.

My heart and other black holes is about two teenagers that meet through a suicide website and try to organize their suicides together. Sounds fun! Ok, sounds interesting.

Ghana Must Go is a book about a family of immigrants from Ghana that live in USA. Actually depending on the edition you choose, goodreads gives a different summary, so I am not sure what it is about. But I like learning about Africa and many people suggest this book, so I think I will like it.


16 thoughts on “Book Haul Summer 2016

  1. Bloody hell I am jealous!!! Reading my no2 Harry potter book. Might hit you up on spoilers about the play after all!!
    I love all the books you picked up, they sound amazing!

    Congratulations on your PHD and china?! Damn girl, I am sooo jealous!

    Please please review everything.

    My tbr is longer now!


    1. My tbr is infinite I think… 😦 I will write about the new trip soon! I will finish the one I am writing now and then I will describe this one!
      I am happy that you like Harry Potter 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Εχεις κανει follow το αγγλικο μάλλον! Κάνε το ελληνικό μόνο!
        Το αγγλικό ποστ βγαίνει κανα λεπτό πριν το ελληνικό, γι’αυτό το βλέπεις πρώτο ίσως.

        Liked by 1 person

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