The “unwanted” book haul

I just went to Greece for summer vacation, which it always means: greek book haul!

This time I had a very nice list. But due to scheduling mistakes, my order was not ready until I left. Which is fine, I have many books to read. But it felt like a waste to come back with an empty suitcase. So I bought a couple of books and also brought a bunch of books I already owned but haven’t read.

2016-08-17 20.43.52

The books I bought:

  • The graphic novels

2016-08-17 20.44.38

Democracyby Αbraham Kawa, Annie Di Donna & Alecos Papadatos: This book actually never appealed to me. But then I saw it in London and I thought “is is possible that foreigners are reading it and I am not? I should support greek books!”. So I bought it and I think it will be great!

…καλά, εσύ σκοτώθηκες νωρίςby Sylvain Ricard, Ντανιέλ Καζανάβ , Χρόνης Μίσσιος & Μυρτώ Ράις:  sorry, it is not translated yet… It is a graphic novel based on the autobiographical book of Hronis Missios, about his life in prison during the Greek Civil War. I admit I haven’t read the original book, for some reason I assumed it would be hard to find because it is old… and then I saw tens of copies in the biggest bookstore of Athens. But I decided to see if I like the graphic novel version first and then buy the original book.

Monstress #1by Marjorie M. Liu & Sana Takeda: I actually didn’t buy this. My friend bought it for me as a present from the US. It is a fantasy graphic novel and it looks awesome!

  • The ones suggested by Goodreads friends

2016-08-17 20.46.17

I saw many of my Goodreads’ friends giving 5 stars in these two books and that made me interested.

Chess Story, by Stefan Zweig and Journey to the End of the Nightby Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

I admit that I am afraid they will be boring 😛 Chess Story is tiny, so it will be fine, but the other one is pretty big…

The pre-owned ones:

  • The ones I bought in the past year about were low in my list

2016-08-17 20.47.49

The Passageby Justin Cronin: Well-known and huge book, post-apocalyptic with vampires. I think. It is very big, so I will have to think about it very seriously.

High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby: I have watched the movie a couple of times, I am curious to see how it will be as a book. I postponed it since I know the story, but people say it is very good, so I will give it a try.

Ενδοχώραby Andreas Embirikos: This will be my poetry book for readathon 2017… my cursed category…

The Fourth Vertebra, by Martti LarniI don’t think this book is translated in English. I found it in a book bazaar and I have no idea what it is about! But the back cover said it is funny.

  • The presents

2016-08-17 20.50.34

These books were given to me (by friends and family). Not actually as presents, more of “here I have this book, you read, take it”. They look interesting.

A Thousand Splendid Sunsby Khaled Hosseini: a story set in Afghanistan. I still haven’t read The Kite Runner, shame on me! I hear that both of them are great books.

The Shadow of the Shadowby Paco Ignacio Taibo II: I have read two books by this author and I really liked them. A friend lent me this book… about 7 years ago. I tried returning it, I never found time to read it, but he was always telling me “no no keep it, I don’t want it”. I HATE lending my books, so I really tried to return it, but he didn’t care. Now he lives in England, so I assume it is mine.

After the Crashby Michel Bussi: a well-known book, plane falls, baby lives, two families think it is their baby.

The Boy at the Top of the Mountainby John Boyne: orphan boy goes to live with his aunt in the house she is working as a servant… the house of Adolph Hitler.

Listen, Little Man!by Wilhelm Reich: I don’t know how to describe this book. I think most people have heard about it. It is small, I hope I will get to read it soon.

Ο 13ος επιβάτης and Το τρένο των 9.45by Yannis Maris: I am trying to read some more greek authors. Sweet Jane Eyre (Style Rive Gauche blog) wrote about this author. I think I will like these books.

The Dressmakerby Rosalie Ham: I was not interested in reading this book, set in small city in Australia, where a young woman returns and starts sewing dresses. But I started watching the movie on a plane, so maybe I will read it. We’ll see.

  • The coloring book

2016-08-17 20.50.46

Looks awesome, right?


These were all my books. Too many for an unwanted book haul!


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