Blind Date with a Book

I recently visited The American Book Center to have a blind date with a book.

2016-10-05 19.12.51.jpg

It is a huge bookstore in Amsterdam that sells books in english. And it is amazing!

2016-10-05 18.48.14.jpg



2016-10-05 18.48.23.jpg

After looking around for a bit (and discovering a whole shelf dedicated to dutch-iness)…


… I went to the place I was looking for.

The blind book-dating shelves:


It is simple: books are wrapped and you can only see a few keywords or a quote and you decide based on that. In the photo above are the two Young Adult options.


And these are the two science fiction options. But I wasn’t intrigued by any of them so I kept looking and I found the novels section:

2016-10-05 18.49.53.jpg

Here I could only choose based on a quote, which is much harder than keywords.

2016-10-05 18.50.08.jpg

After a lot or reading and re-reading of the six available quotes, I chose this one:


Of course I didn’t only buy this book 🙂

I also bought American Gods by Neil Gaiman on a really cool cover. I really want to read it since it will be a tv-series soon. But it looks kind of big 😕

2016-10-08 12.39.59.jpg

Anyway, I finally unwrapped my book and had my “date”:


Ta daaaa: Pnin, by Vladimir Nabokov

I hadn’t heard of that book but I enjoyed Lolita a lot.

The story: Professor Timofey Pnin is a haplessly disoriented Russian émigré precariously employed on an American college campus in the 1950s. Pnin struggles to maintain his dignity through a series of comic and sad misunderstandings, all the while falling victim both to subtle academic conspiracies and to the manipulations of a deliberately unreliable narrator.

Sounds interesting!

Can’t wait to read both of my new books!


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