The “Free Books” book haul

Some days ago a friend posted on Facebook that she and her husband are cleaning up their library and getting rid of many unwanted books.

I immediately asked what they are planning to do with these books and made obvious that I was interested 🙂

We have similar taste in books: fantasy, science fiction and contemporary novels.

I guilted them enough to make them throw a “take our books before we give them to charity” event. I was the first one there and I got 17 books!


And imagine that I was really constraining myself because I have too many books… I think it is time to stop with the excuses and just accept my book-hoarding.

These are the books I got:

The graphic novels


There were 4 and I got them all!

  • The first two volumes of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I have it on electronic form, but whatever, I don’t have almost any graphic novels on actual form, so I took them
  • Kabuki, Vol. 2: Dreams (Kabuki #2), by David W. Mack. Do I need Vol. 1 before reading this? Hmmm… No idea what it is, but looks awesome.

  • … and Kabuki, Vol. 6: Scarab, Lost in Translation. Hmmm… I am missing even more volumes. We’ll see how it goes.

The ones I know I will like


  • Coraline by Neil Gaiman: I have seen the cartoon about the little girl that finds a passage to a different world  where things start to get scary. And I like Neil Gaiman. I have a good feeling about this.
  • Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prarchet: Very curious about that. Both of them good authors, famous book. I don’t even know what it is about (I see Good and Evil and Atlantis in the description…) but I am sure it will be awesome
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, by Douglas Adams: the author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. A funny author and another funny science-fiction book.

  • The Road, by Cormac McCarthy: I have seen the movie with Viggo Mortensen. I enjoy post-apocalyptic stories. But that movie created many feelings… It is the only post-apocalyptic story that made me feel there is no hope for humanity to survive. I can’t wait to see what I will think of the book.

  • Choke, by Chuck Palahniuk: first time I heard of the book… but it said Chuck Palahniuk, so I grabbed it! According to the description it is the story of a medical student in debt that pretends to choke on expensive restaurants, in order to make people save him and then guilt them into also sending him money! (how does he come up with these ideas?)

The “let’s try them” books


If I was a descent person, I should have restricted myself with only the books I had already grabbed, by authors I knew and trusted. But… free books… and interesting ones… let’s try them.

I am actually pretty excited about some of them:

  • I am Charlotte Simmons, by Tom Wolfe: many many years ago I had read an article about this book and then did not remember the title. I only remembered it was Tom Wolfe and something about college (LOVE college books. And series. And movies). So when I saw it there, I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed it. Then I saw how huge it is. It is so big that I actually put it down at first. But then I picked it up again. When I returned home I checked Goodreads. I saw many 1 star reviews and many 5 star. The 1 star people complained of its portrayal of college life, of shallow characters, cliche stories… but hey, all that may not point to a literature gem, but they do point to a pleasant read! I am excited about it!
  • Embassytownby China Miéville: I heard of this author recently and decided to dismiss her. I heard that the language she uses is lyrical and kind of incoherent. Not my style. But there it was, free book of that author I was considering reading. I took it. I checked goodreads at home. Didn’t understand the description even… Not having a very good feeling about this book, but I am surely very curious about it now.

  •  The stories of Vladimir Nabocov, by Vladimir Nabocov: short stories by a famous author. Sure why not? I love short stories.

  • Snow Crashby Neal Stephenson: I haven’t read any of his books, but Seveneves was brought to my attention recently and I recognized his name. The story of the book did not interest me much (hacker trying to save the world? something like that) but the owner of the books said it was good. I will give it a try. At some point.

  •  Summerland, by Michael Chabon: I loved The amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay by the same author. Summerland is a fantasy book and sounds interesting enough.

  • Lucky Jim, by Kingsley Amis: I will admit I grabbed it because of the cover – never heard of the author or the book. But I don’t just mean the cover is nice (it is awesome). I know this cover means Penguin Modern Classics, so it must be a famous book. It’s (previous now) owner saw me grab it and said it is a funny book about academic life in England. And that he hated as a teenager but liked it when he read it again. Hmm getting mixed messages…  but of course I got interested and added it on my pile.

  • Talk Talkby T.C. Boyle: I haven’t read anything of him and to tell you the truth, I thought he is an old (dead for years) author until I saw his photo on the back cover. Sounds like an interesting story and about time I read something of T.C. Boyle.

  • The Hippopotamusby Stephen Fry: I also haven’t read anything of Stephen Fry and there were a couple of his books in the pile. I vaguely remember that The Hippopotamus was translated in Greek too. If it made it so far, I should probably choose this over his other books. It is about a failed poet (and failed human being from what I understand) that invites himself into his mysterious godson’s estate. Stephen Fry is known about his humor, looking forward to seeing what the fuss is all about.

    And that was it! Seventeen good books for free! Although when it comes to books, money is not my biggest problem. Time is. I want to read so many books! And every year more and more come out! I try to be picky, but especially after starting the blog and reading more blogs about books, I discover many awesome books constantly and it gets harder and harder to be picky.


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