Bookish resolutions 2017

I made some bookish resolutions last year and I did pretty good.

Didn’t make all of them though.

Let’s make some for this year:

1.As usual, finish the readathon17

I “signed-up” for the category of 52 books. I had already started making plans to read the new categories (different than last year) when I notice the new rule: 50% + 1 of the books should be by a female author. At first I was annoyed because I was planning on reading some books this year and now my plan will change. But it is more challenging like this!

2.Read for the first time:



4.Read more “fun” and easy books.

No need to “pressure” myself with reading the “ones you should read” (like the ones I just mentioned I want to read in 3 🙂 ). Last year I tried finishing the readathon and reading the correct books that everyone said are amazing. But this year I will take a break once in a while with a Young Adult or children’s book (or Stephen King!). I think that will make my reading year better, this year I felt like I got tired at some points.

5. Try really hard to empty this:


and minimize the number of books I buy.

6. Take more book photos for instagram


I really enjoyed participating in three month challenges (taking a book photo daily), so I will try to keep that up.


I think these are enough goals. The readathon17 is already challenging enough, especially with the female writers twist. Do you want to know which books I will read for sure this year? Since I have to focus on female authors:

A Little Life, by Hanya Yanagihara

My Brilliant Friend, by Elena Ferrante

Swing Time, by Zadie Smith (as mentioned above)

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planetby Becky Chambers

and at least two books by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I am not going to plan more, because plans change.

Have a good year everyone!

P.S. and a blog related goal… write more about my trips, I haven’t written in months (zero motivation for that)




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