Books that disappointed me in 2016

Following Jo’s request, I will present the books that disappointed me this year.


Such a pretty book, such a huge disappointment… The book start with a great idea: homeless people are offered jobs and houses, but they have to stay every other month in prison. It is an experiment to show that if everyone in a city spends half their time in prison, there will be no crime. Then the book becomes totally stupid… I wrote more here.


Supposedly a thriller… Also a famous cult movie. Nothing scary about it, the action starts 15 pages before the end. More here.Read In the Miso Soup better.


I am sorry, but I got bored… I know it is a very important book and it is about a topic that interests me a lot. But the writing style did not agree with me. I did not find it bad or anything, but I expected more. I got lost in his writing, I prefer more precise writing and making specific points. More about it here. Read Americanah better.


Many short stories by female writers or artists… I liked the most of comics parts and some of the stories, but generally I was disappointed. More about it here.


Nope, just nope! I am sure many people will find his writing style amazing. But I found it very tiring and complex. I love Japan, so I thought I would love this book. But nope. More here.

2016-03-31 15.47.46

She is one of my beloved childhood authors, so I was very disappointed with this book. I found it very sexist and old-fashioned, not like her at all. More about it here.


That was it!

Of course everyone has a different taste, this was just my opinion about some books, it does not mean they are objectively bad (although I can’t imagine how some of them could be considered good). Also the mood you have or the environment can be important factors on your opinion about a book.

This is certainly a very important factor. For example I read The Gunslinger (Dark Tower #1) by Stephen King while on a big trip and I did not enjoy it as much as I would if I read it in my own house. And always I don’t enjoy that much the first books of the readathons, because I feel I have so much to read and I should be fast. So mood is important always!


9 thoughts on “Books that disappointed me in 2016

    1. Να διαβάσεις κάποιο άλλο της! Το Τοκιο τι να σου πω, μπορει και να σου αρεσει, εμένα δεν μου ταίριαξε πάντως.

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      1. Έχω αρκετά δικά της,κάποτε είχα διαβάσει το Ορυξ και Κρεικ. Έχω το δεύτερο και το τρίτο της Τριλογίας. Το άλλο πρόσωπο της Γκρεις, και αλλα στο.

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      2. Φετος θα διαβασω κι εγω το ορυξ και κρεικ. Πιστευω οτι θα μου αρέσει αυτή η τριλογία, για να δουμε…

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