Multiple bookhauls

Over the past months I kept buying books from different “sources”. I waited until I reached a stopping point (until I go to Greece in 2 weeks and buy more) before making a post about them. Here they are: 1.The books I bought from A very Russian Christmas, by various russian writers A collection … More Multiple bookhauls

Readathon17: Books 16-20

Previous links: Readathon17: Books 1-5 Readathon17: Books 6-10 Readathon17: Books 11-15   16. The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whithead Readathon category: a book that won an international award within the last three years An award-winning book about slavery and the underground railroad, the network American slaves used to escape to states where they could be free. … More Readathon17: Books 16-20